Hey There Dear Viewers,
This is an amusing video clips channel. We make funny video clips in our village. Since We are stay in village.
All videos are shoot in village side.
a long time we make trick with public as well as our buddies.
In this year we make some foolish kind videos, if you enjoy those videos, I will challenge you can’t quit your laugh.
This video clip are no any sort of threat. This video clip are absolutely acting no risk no Dangerous act no physical injury or fatality its ok for Viewers.

Director – Rabbi
Manuscript Writer – Faisal
Producer – Sahadat, Apple
Electronic Camera Man – Akash
Editor – Rabbi

Actors – Rabbi, Faisel, Sahadat, Appel, Akash.

This video clip has are shooting at That location at Niamatpur, Naogaon, Rajshahi.

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