Carr On Comedy | Jimmy Carr | The JBP Podcast | #233

Carr On Comedy | Jimmy Carr | The JBP Podcast | #233

This episode was tape-recorded on November 02, 2021.

The character evaluation discussed by Mr. Carr is

Jimmy Carr is a prize-winning comedian, writer, and TV host. Carr recently came under attack for the career-enders subsection in His Dark Material, a Netflix unique that’s regarded “deeply offensive” or “devoted to its title,” depending upon that you ask. Carr’s most recent publication, Before & Laughter, is part narrative, part life suggestions, as well as primarily amusing.

We had a stimulating discussion about human nature, comedy and the physiology of laughter, experiencing jokes, half-filled rooms, truth, growth, self-deprecation, love languages, faith, and the 15′ replica of his head.

His Dark Material:

Before & Laughter: The craziest male in the UK’s genuinely beneficial overview to life:

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[00:00] Introduction
[01:47] Jimmy’s 15′ Head
[03:05] Biggest Venues
[07:22] Funny & Collab
[13:06] Half-filled Rooms
[15:25] Giggling
[18:47] Witticism & Self-deprecation
[23:20] Funny & Perspective
[25:18] Physical Effects
[27:49] Live Shows
[32:43] Carr’s ‘Understand Myself’ Assessment
[35:04] Contempt & Responsibility
[40:37] Backstage Life
[44:52] Nature & Nurture
[47:54] Circulation
[55:36] Christianity
[01:01:15] The Promise of an Afterlife
[01:05:22] Understanding Myself II
[01:09:40] Love Languages & Personality
[01:11:15] Difficult Times
[01:13:41] Fantastic Comedians
[01:21:20] Live Shows II
[01:24:04] Evading Cancellation
[01:26:33] Jokes & Truth
[01:29:55] Carr’s Appreciation for Jordan
[01:32:50] Outro

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