Automotive Trends: You won’t believe what’s coming next!

Automotive Trends: You won’t believe what’s coming next!

We are talking about automotive technologies and innovations. Watch this video to know about the trend that’s replacing electric cars.
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00:00 Automotive Trends
00:30 Smart Visors
00:55 Smart Mobility Ecosystem
01:06 Digital Cockpit
01:17 Automatic Emergency Braking
01:39 Mobile Apps and Digital Key
01:53 Teen Driver
02:05 Exit Warning
02:23 Firmware Over the Air Update
02:44 Velabit
03:10 Solar-Powered Cars
03:30 Advanced Driver Assistance System
03:40 Extensive Exterior Cameras
03:55 Circular Economy
04:52 Contact Jelvix

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▶ About this video:
Recent reports say that accelerated vehicle electrification coupled with the sustained circular economy in the automotive industry will decrease carbon emissions by up to 75% and non-circular resource consumption by up to 80% per mile by 2030.

Many automakers are already reducing energy consumption by remanufacturing car components to reduce waste. For instance, Renault announced its intention to convert their Flins assembly plant to a “RE-factory” circular economy automotive production line with the goal of achieving a negative carbon footprint by the year 2030.

As we can see, The future of the automotive industry is looking towards making only vehicles with smart technologies, advanced safety features, and zero carbon footprint. Which of the trends do you think is the most well-promising?