Compilation | Even MORE Funny Moments | Sanford and Son

Compilation | Even MORE Funny Moments | Sanford and Son

We’ve selected some extra finest moments in the collection!

0:00 -4:40 From Season 3, Episode 11 – “A House Is Not a Poolroom”
4:40 -8:20 From Season 2, Episode 9 – “The Shootout”
8:20 -12:42 From Season 2, Episode 14 – “The Light Housekeeper”
12:42 -18:05 From Season 3, Episode 1 – “Lamont As Othello”
18:05 -22:27 From Season 4, Episode 18 – “The Masquerade Party”

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About Sanford And Son: The highest-rated half-hour collection in NBC background at the time, Sanford as well as Son celebrities Redd Foxx as the cantankerous sexagenarian Fred Sanford and Demond Wilson as his son Lamont, also his organization companion in the family junk-dealing business. To stop his child from leaving residence, and bent on having things his own method basic, Fred often hires such ruses as phony heart strikes or fake back conditions. Lamont usually translucents these subterfuges, however since he loves his dad, he allows him assume he’s getting his method.

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Compilation|Fred’s Most Outrageous Moments|Sanford and Son

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