Losing Hair Isn’t Fair. Dry Bar Comedy

Losing Hair Isn’t Fair. Dry Bar Comedy

Losing hair isn’t fair, or at least thats been the experience of these Dry Bar Comedians. In this compilation from Dry Bar Comedy several Dry Bar Comedians break down what it’s like to lose your hair, or to have lost your hair. Whether you’re someone who is struggling with hair loss, or someone who has an immaculate head of hair, this compilation from Dry Bar Comedy is sure to keep you laughing from start to finish.

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Comedians featured in this compilation include: Richard Sarvate, Rahn Hortman, Warren B Hall, Joe Devito, Jasmine Ellis, Marty Polio, Alex Velluto, Brad Upton, Keith Stubbs, Scott Novotny, Jeff Allen, Ron Ruhman, Rob Little, Dan St. Paul, Matt Bergman, Maher Matta, Marty Simpson, Kenn Kington, Clayburn Cox

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