Mullen Automotive prediction: more government contracts!

Mullen Automotive prediction: more government contracts!

here is the article guys and gals please read for your selves. I like it!!!

CoinCodex Predicts MULN Stock to Surge Big By 2030

The Time to Buy Mullen (MULN) Stock Is Now

MULN Stock Alert: Why Mullen Automotive Is Headed for Disaster

MULN Stock Alert: Mullen Announces Contract in Washington, D.C.

here’s my take on #muln this is why I’m bullish! say what you will. I wont give you a crazy price prediction just to get views. I’m brand new to Mullen and I’m going to ride this out. I believe #mullenstock #mullen has a huge potential to make it huge! the price is super cheap and worth the gamble. but also I think with the news coming out there is a huge potential for Mullen to make it big and it has to do with the emm that was created by Lawrence hardge. this #stock I believe will do pretty well. of course I could be wrong as I am not a professional trader or financial advisor. but pretty sure even the pros get it wrong most the times why do you think they have to charge for member ship to their dischord? lol. ok. let’s goo #mullenautomotive #mullenstock #tesla #ev
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