PAUL COKER JR. (1929 -2022)

PAUL COKER JR. (1929 -2022)

This week the great Paul Coker Jr. died at age 93. Over a lengthy job functioning for diverse clients such as Rankin/Bass, Hallmark cards as well as MAD magazine, Coker developed handsome, well developed drawings of peaceful high quality while his peers were yelling for attention.

Coker never ever drew nude barbarian chicks or musclebound heroes in spandex, yet if you wish to see what real strength appears like, research his job.

Coker’s monsters for MAD’s”scary motto” collection were better attracted than thousands of”serious” beasts attracted by other musicians for comics and beast publications. I’ve previously covered how I appreciate Coker’s linework: In an era of micron pens, Coker reminded us what ink is for.

For his lengthy occupation of quality as well as stability– limited products today– Paul Coker Jr. deserves our recognition as well as regard.

Thank you, Mr.Coker.

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