Persistence Pays Off: The Shipping Container Home Build is ON!

Persistence Pays Off: The Shipping Container Home Build is ON!

Building a shipping container home has been a project years in the making, after a few setbacks the home build is BACK on track which feels incredible! Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code TYLERANDTODD for 83% off and 3 extra months FREE!

The idea to build a house out of shipping containers was definitely one of the wildest ones we’ve had and if you’ve been joining our weekly videos for any amount of time you know that’s saying something, we’re confident it will work out in the long run but it’s a big setback.

Join us every Sunday as we continue building a home out of shipping containers, sharing our adventures as we build our own alternative lifestyle, living simply in the wild wonderful off grid forest!



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How did we get here?
After a year of full time travel living the van life, we had to adapt when the world changed. To keep busy we’ve converted our tiny house on wheels into a fully functioning off grid home that has everything we need. Realizing that none of us know how long this new normal will stick around, we made the decision that building a home here was the best decision we could make. We’ve spent the last year doing EVERYTHING involved with coordinating and planning the build ourselves as well as setting up this off grid property to be able to provide us with the the food we’ll need in the future. That led us to needing a place to live while we realized our dream of building a shipping container home. After lots of searching we finally discovered Geodesic Dome’s and it was the perfect fit for us while we took our time with the container home.