Pet Theology #joke #submission

Pet Theology #joke #submission

The one with a new spin on an old joke.

Thank you @stormkiller3376 for submitting the joke.

This video uses artwork from, a great source of royalty free artwork by Takashi Mifune.

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⚁ The Old Ones Collection :
The Old Ones Collection is full of stories from editions of the Weird Tales magazine that are in the public domain. I’ll add stories here regularly. As you’ll see, many were written by authors borrowing imagery from H. P. Lovecraft’s dark fiction, while others tried to put their own spin on it.

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⚂ Sword and Sorcery Collection :
Many stories of this genre were published in Weird Tales and have entered the public domain. Some of my favorite escapist fun has been had in these stories.

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(P) 2022, Where the Pulp Lives.

“They say no joke is really new but has its origin in the hinterlands of another day, the product of some distant unnamed jokesmith. So here is our salute to all the merry company of wits who have made it their happy business to concoct the food of laughter!” — Lewis & Faye Copeland

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