Reformed Funny Moments – Part 34

Reformed Funny Moments – Part 34

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Original Sources:

SCOTUS on Abortion, 2A Rights, School, & Church– The Manliness of Christ w Dale Partridge

Questions & Answers with Challies, Godfrey, Lawson, and Mohler

Doug Wilson as well as John Piper/ Desiring God as well as Bacon

TM22-11 Panel Q&A # 3 (Selected Scriptures).

An A&O Ministries Highlights Special!

Ligonier Teaching Fellows Panel Discussion.

The Buck Stops Here, Preach the Word!

10 Woke Progressive Beliefs Refuted With Scripture.

Oh Canada! How to Lead a Godly Church in an Ungodly Land.

The SBC Is Like Getting A Root Canal|Tom Buck|Episode 2.

Week RECAP! Providing Our Lives for the Eternal Amidst the Earthly Search for Glory.

6/12/2014 Radio Free Geneva: A Study of Flowers!

Questions & Answers with Ferguson, Godfrey, Lawson, Nichols, Parsons, and Thomas.

James White on CrossPolitic: The Baptist Theology Controversy.

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