Serial Killers and Gynos | Carmen Lagala | Stand Up Comedy

Serial Killers and Gynos | Carmen Lagala | Stand Up Comedy

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The Bookstore Series is Don’t Tell Comedy’s 11th independent YouTube series that features stand-up comedy collections from the most effective of the following generation of stand up comics.

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Composed and Performed by Carmen Lagala

Exec Producers: Kyle Kazanjian-Amory and also Brett Kushner
Directed By: Gordie Earle III as well as Brad Silnutzer
Supervisor of Photography: Mark Davis
Manufacturer: Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory

Gaffer as well as Cam Operator: Henry Vumbaca
Cam Operators:
Gordie Earle III
Tom Atwell
Andreas Roalsvig
Mark Davis

Editor: Gordie Earle III
Color Correction: Mark I. Davis
Audio Recording: Chris Viall
Sound Mix: Ryan Meadows

Consulting Producer:
Kindra Landsburg

Manufacturing Assistants:
David Levine
Ethan Mansoor
Josh Mandl

Unique Thanks: Our thoughtful hosts, More Than Words


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