Ted Cruz Thinks Its Funny To Mock Stroke Victims

Ted Cruz Thinks Its Funny To Mock Stroke Victims

Throughout an event today, Ted Cruz made a decision to simulated Democratic Senate prospect John Fetterman by claiming to not recognize where he was or what he was doing. This sort of sick “schtick” is beyond guilty, as well as it shows simply exactly how reduced Republicans want to go in order to trash their political competitors. Farron Cousins discuss this genuinely unwell display from Cruz.

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Republican Senator Ted Cruz has actually always believed of himself as a little bit of a comedian. Uh, we’ve all seen the video clips of him from when he was in university speaking about his goal being globe domination and attempting to be funny. We’ve seen the cringy videos of him doing his Simpson impressions, and, uh, today he once more attempted his hand at some comedy by punching down as well as mocking John Federman for having a stroke. Here is Ted Cruz up on stage with the Republican candidate, Andy OGs, that is running for a house seat in Tennessee’s fifth Congressional District, where staffs once more openly buffoons a stroke victim to a crowd that poked fun at it. Below it is,

By the means, in honor of John Federman, I expect I must simply begin by saying goodnight

There are not sufficient words, at least not enough words, that I know and also have readily offered in my vocabulary to state how disgusted I am with Ted Cruz. And also there’s a great deal a lot more things that I would enjoy to claim right now concerning Ted Cruz, however I’m rather certain if I did that, that would certainly be the end of this channel. Perhaps I do not need to specify on what an amazing stack of d Ted Cruz truly is, due to the fact that I think anybody watching this, you comprehend that?

I do not need to go deeper into details about just how much I loathe Ted Cruz and also concerning what a subhuman piece of garbage I think he really is. We all get it. I think we’re all on the exact same page on that particular. But one of the reasons that this me off so a lot is since we, as individuals left wing, as liberals, as Democrats, as whatever you intend to call on your own, we hold back a lot since it’s the right point to do. We don’t punch down. As a matter of fact, George Carlin, incidentally, you recognize, the individual prized, is among the best comics of all time. That’s one of the guidelines he has for funny. Don’t ever before punch down attack individuals in power. Don’t pursue the people that are enduring and having a hard time. So, Ted Cruz, if you wan na be a comic, I recommend you take that recommendations. Back to back to what we have to do, we have to hold back? I indicate, there’s a lot of points we would certainly all like to claim about Herschel Walker’s cognitive abilities,

Yet we don’t, Yeah, we’ll discuss the fact that he’s got some problems plainly, however we do not go deeper than that. We don’t go after Melania Trump for posing nude. We could, but we do not. We might pursue a lot of things that we keep back on since we understand we’re humans and so are they, and we are not gon na get down in the muck and battle on the same degree of the, as these Republicans. Currently, I’m not claiming we need to do the Michelle Obama, when they go low, we go high. I am all 4 combating these Republicans on their lawn. Yet there are particular concerns and specific points in specific things as well as certain conditions where we refused to come down in the mud with them due to the fact that we are not gon na stoop to their degree. And this is just one of those times John McCain had a brain growth, all right?

Make fun of him for that go up on stage and also make jokes about John McCain’s mind lump. I want you to constantly bear in mind that video clip of Ted Cruz since that is what he believes concerning either you or your enjoyed ones who experienced a stroke. It’s any person that’s gone via that horrific experience.

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