Vanvaas | Stand Up Comedy | Crowd work by Vivek Samtani

Vanvaas | Stand Up Comedy | Crowd work by Vivek Samtani

This is simply a video clip for you all to enjoy some crowdwork which i generally do at my programs as well as to promote my scenic tour I am concerning these cities just check this link please

Noida 10th September
Delhi 11th September
Pune 17th September
( Rajasthan scenic tour) (21-25 september).
Mumbai 2nd October.
Surat.: Date to be announced (DTA).
Vadodara: DTA.
Ahmedabad: 9th October.
Indore: DTA.
Bhopal: DTA.
Raipur: DTA.
Bhilai: DTA.
Bilaspur: DTA.

Shot as well as videotaped by The Habitat Team at a real-time standup funny occasion at The Habitat, Mumbai. To understand even more regarding such real-time shows:

Live Producer: Balraj Singh Ghai.

The Habitat Audio Team: Yash Rajiv Barse.

The Habitat Video Team: Vivian Castelino, Aaditi Hirani, Harsh Shah.

Video clip editing: Suyash Sharma and also Vivek Trivedi (Jabalpur everyday).

Audio mixing: Yash Barse (Habitat audio team).

Special many thanks to Silly an Abhi and Saurabh.

If you have’ nt watched my last video.

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