Why Do Entertainment Companies Get Woke and Go Broke?

Why Do Entertainment Companies Get Woke and Go Broke?

Modern entertainment is plagued by a peculiar phenomena. Entertainment companies are locked in a strange cycle of releasing titles that are woke trash. Then when they inevitably fail abysmally, they insist on repeating this precise formula over and over again.
Why is this happening so much and why aren’t entertainment companies learning from their mistakes? They are in it for the money right?
Well I took this problem to 21Kilotons Science Lab and the results I found were intriguing.

Coin Bureau
BlackRock is LOSING!! The Beginning Of The END

(Excellent level headed Crypto analysis)

Alex Stein
Absolute Mayhem & Chaos at Penn State University with the most Mentally Insane College Students Ever

(I will let his work speak for itself)

Hilarious African Action Movie || 2015

(My new favourite film director)

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