10 Modern Agricultural Machines AND Technology For The FARMING World

10 Modern Agricultural Machines AND Technology For The FARMING World

10 Modern Agricultural Machines AND Technology For The FARMING World
Hello and welcome to Lord Gizmo your home for powerful machines that are at another level. Our experts are on hand to provide you with insights into the most powerful machines in the world. These beasts really are on another level entirely.

If you’re looking for modern agriculture machines, you’re in the right place. Every
one of our videos showcase amazing machines operating on another level. These ingenious machines feature modern technology that has transformed agriculture, mining, construction equipment and the manufacturing process, in incredible ways that make for oddly satisfying videos.

If you want powerful machines that are on another level entirely then look no further.

Some of the biggest machines in the world are featured on this channel. It’s the perfect blend of modern technology and heavy equipment.

Whether your interest is in monster trucks, ingenious inventions, mining equipment or heavy machinery, we’ve got you covered.

Modern agriculture farming embraces modern agriculture technology to take farming to the next level. If you want to see modern agriculture machines that are at another level, then Lord Gizmo has you covered. This is next level agriculture technology at it’s very best.

These are the most powerful and ingenious machines in their class. Incredible machine(s) such as; dozer(s), crawler(s), lowbed(s), truck(s), forestry machines, logging machines, dumptruck(s) and digger(s).

These are extreme machines leveraging the best engineering, tools and technology. We are talking the most powerful machines that are at / on another level. Amazing powerful machine(s) that will cause your heart to skip a beat. Mammoth size, extreme power and zero mercy. These are the most powerful machine(s) that are at another level.

We’re talking heavy equipment machines like excavators. Incredible machine(s) like crusher(s). Biggest machines like loader(s). Impressive machine(s) like crane(s). Monster machines like bulldozer(s) and grader(s).

Engineering machine(s) from industry giants Komatsu, Caterpillar and Liebherr.

So give one of our videos a try today. Subscribe and enjoy everything we have to

0:00 Introduction

0:23 MULARSKI Radish Harvesting
Web: https://mularski.pl

1:26 M.H Plant Machines
Web: https://www.mechanisatiehaarlemmermeer.nl/
3:11 ASA LIFT – 3 Bed Onion Windrower
Web: https://www.asa-lift.com

4:22 ASA LIFT CM-1000C Carrot Harvesting
Web: https://www.asa-lift.com

5:16 ASA LIFT SP-460BEH – Self-Propelled Carrot Harvester
Web: https://www.asa-lift.com
6:29 TEAGLE Telehawk Hydraulic Bale Spreader
Web: https://www.teagle.co.uk/en-GB/
Web: https://www.knong.kr
8:19 GRIMME GL 430 Potato Planter
Web: https://products.grimme.com

9:06 GRIMME Onion Harvester
Web: https://products.grimme.com

10:15 GUARESI Super G Double Raw
Web: http://guaresi.com

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